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Our vision is to provide the best comprehensive care for our highly valued patients. Navigating work injury treatment can be a difficult process. We're here to help.

Workers’ Compensation Injury Center

 Over 30 years of experience in work injury treatment
No Out-of-Pocket Costs – Arizona law prohibits patients from receiving medical bills for work related injuries
Our physicians are specialized in the workers’ compensation process to ensure you and your case are treated properly

At Injury Centers of AZ, patients will receive help for a wide range of work related injuries. Our practice is known for its advanced care and state of the art rehabilitation techniques. Our team consists of a wide range of specialists to address all work related injuries.

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Workplace injuries can disrupt your life, but proper clinical treatment gets your body back on track. If you’re struggling after a workplace injury, Injury Centers of Arizona can help. Our team is an experienced group of physicians who use evidence-based treatments to provide patients with long-lasting pain relief. Whether you’re dealing with a new work comp injury or the effects of a work related injury that happened long ago, Injury Centers of AZ can help. Call our office today or schedule an appointment online.

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